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   Anguilla CARNIVAL, Saint Martin, Saint Barts & The Leewards Islands 2016

 July 30 – August 6, 2016 
 For only $1,899!



This year we will join the fun and excitement of Anguilla Carnival. Known for its rich heritage, beautiful beaches, numerous coves and bays, as well as its marine park, Anguilla is an island nation of wonderment. And when CARNIVAL hits... well... WATCH-OUT THERE NOW!!!  Low lying Anguilla is a laid back Caribbean charm at its best. BUT WAIT... That's not all we'll be checking out. The Leewards are also made up of a chain of magical islands, each offering its own unique cultural flare. We'll vist the infamous Gastronimical capital of the Caribbean, Grand Case, in beautiful French Saint Martin. We'll make our way down to the island of Saint Barts to experience the chic boutiques, art galleries, and upscale restaurants. THERE IS SOMETHING IN THIS TRIP FOR EVERYONE! It will be AMAZING!



    You are sure to have the time of your life . In fact, heres what people said about our last adventure!



"First, I want to thank Robert and John for organizing and offering this trip. Had I not found out about Sankofa Odyssey, I would never have seen Greece in such a carefree, exciting manner. I enjoyed every part of the trip!"

" Local hidden gem restaurants in a hunt for great local food!"

" Our captain and crew. Our boat had an unparalleled group dynamic. All like minded people who got along perfectly!"


" The dolphins swimming next to our boat, the sailing!"


" The time spent with fellow mates talking in the wee hours of the night, making new friends!"


" The water was a stunning blue unlike any other!"


" The sunsets!"





Gratitude... for our gift!
Check back here regulary for new videos from the sail.




 Unlike other vacation groups, 8 out of 10 customers come back for another Odyssey vacation!


 What are people saying about Odyssey Adventures?


“The best vacation I ever had ”



“I like the sail, adventure, people and food”



“I love the historic settings, the culture and music”


Give it a try!


Try a different type of vacation where you can explore multiple islands not just a single resort.  Meet people like yourself who enjoy travel and different cultures. 


Simply select one of our trip options under the "Adventures" tab above for details. Don’t worry if you have never sailed or can not swim. “Bareboat chartering" is a participatory type of vacation. We travel by plane to our destination, and board a luxury yacht. Then we cruise together, party together, and if you’d like you can even learn how to help sail the boat! This is not a cruise - there are no waiters, maids, or cooks. Our captains are passionate about safety and fun, and you NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF LAND! This will be your best vacation ever…
100% of past patrons have said they would recommend an Odyssey adventure to their family and friends.

Isn't it time for a different kind of vacation?
Part of the overall experience is to be a part of the crew. In fact, many of us "Odyssey-ers", are more than "crew". We've established lifelong relationships by vacationing and exploring the world together.



   "Dollar Bills for Your Skills" referral program!
Spread the Word and Get Paid



 Tell your friends about any Odyssey Adventures vacation and if they sign up and pay in full, you get at least $75 per person. It's easy - just spread the word. There's no limit, and YOU don’t even have to go on an Odyssey trip. Program details !HERE.



*All payments must be made by scheduled due dates. All payments are non refundable. Trip insurance highly recommended. You may purchase at : www.travelguard.com

























Ontime Payments Include 2.9% fee


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