it was the remoteness of places like Lupes, the divers beach and San Francisco beach. You can’t get that type of experience on other type of trips unless you’re some back packer off the beaten path. ~ KW

Tie between: awesome discovery dive and those daggon Coconut Rum Fried Apples!  My crew ROCKED it in the kitchen!! (Homemade Fried chicken 🍗 breast, tomatillo sauce, and ginger/cilantro/lime/rum/orange zest sauce)👌🏿 ~TM

The indescribably beautiful visuals of the sea, the mountains, the sunsets and full moon took my breath away. The deep sea fishing! ~KB

I enjoyed the natural views that haven’t been altered by Man which shows us we need to leave the earth alone.
I loved the dive with the Sea Lions and the views of the mountains and beaches which aren’t seen in most places around the world. ~ME