The Romantic Zone is the portion of the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta that is bordered by the Rio Cuale on the north, Santa Barbara Street on the south, Insurgentes Street on the east, and Playa de Los Muertos on the west. Other common names for this area are Old Town, The South Side, and Colonia Emilano Zapata. The Romantic Zone is greatly favored by frequent tourists, expats, and locals alike because of its vibrant, colorful and relaxed ambiance along with the incredible number of amenities available within one defined area of the city. Here you will find the highest concentration of restaurants and bars in all of Puerto Vallarta. And for accommodations there are a good number of great budget hotels, a few hostels, very lovely boutique hotels, as well as a fantastic inventory of rental condo options, most of which are within walking distance to the beach.  The whole of the Romantic Zone just bustles with activity and Mexican cultural flavor. Those vacationers looking forward to sprawling resort properties will not find those types of accommodations in the Romantic Zone. Those types of resorts are located in the Hotel Zone, with the the mega all-inclusive properties primarily located in Marina Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta. But make no mistake about it, the Romantic Zone is a very special place and many visitors find that forgoing a stay at a large luxury resort complex outside the Romantic Zone is well worth the trade off of being in the center of all the action.

Visitors will find that there is no shortage of things to do and experience in Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone. During the day visitors can relax on the golden sands of lively Los Muertos Beach and beach-chair shop from a whole host of beach vendors walking by, or enjoy taking a stroll down the narrow cobblestone streets of downtown, browsing the numerous boutiques and unique shops before stopping for lunch and drinks at any number of excellent restaurants, bars or taco carts. Food prices and offerings range from budget to gourmet, so there’s something for everyone. And if you’re wondering what types of food are available, here is a quick sampling: Mexican, Seafood, International, Mediterranean, Pizzas, Japanese, Chinese, Hamburgers, American, Italian, Argentinian, German, Spanish, Cuban, Vegetarian, Fusion, Steakhouses, Delis, and more. In the Romantic Zone you can enjoy a meal on the beach with your toes in the sand, or dine at a restaurant with a terrace that offers panoramic views of the ocean.  When it comes to types of food and dining experiences, the options are limitless!

Source: visit-vallarta

By: Deollo Johnson

According to Forbes magazine, only 25% of Americans took their entire 2 weeks of paid vacation in 2014.

Even worse, the travel organization Skift reports that 42% of Americans did not take any vacation days in 2014.

Work , work work, and no play? Could this be one of the major contributions to the lack luster growth and attitude of the average American? Is this why so many feel they are falling behind? Well’ I think so.

Think about these 5 reasons, why you need to take a vacation.


No vacation leads to stagnation

If we don’t vacation, we stagnate.  In our jobs, in our lives, in our relationships. Vacationing can give us new experiences and new perspectives.  It can shake up the rote and routine in our lives and leave us with new energy for our lives.  Some vacations can be positively life-changing!


Like real estate, vacation is about location, location, location

There are so many breathtaking vistas to see, so much to explore, and so many adventures to be had on this beautiful planet.  Write locations on pieces of paper and draw one out of a hat.  Throw a dart at a map.  Whatever.  Just pick a location and go!  (Also, to assist in you’re getting-up-and-going, there are numerous online resources to use to scout places and get great deals.)


Make vacation your new vocation

Some people wait for “the trip of a lifetime”…well, once in a lifetime.  Don’t do that.  Plan on a trip of a lifetime at least once a year.   With so many locations and places and experiences to be had, what else makes sense?  Why wait?  I’m not saying quit your job, sell everything, and sail around the world for a few years.  (Hmmm…)  Just make vacationing your new (additional) vocation.


Vacation is a type of education

Traveling can teach us a lot about ourselves, other people, other cultures, and our world, in ways we can not get in a classroom or via a screen.  It can expand our viewpoints and show us who we are and where we live in unparalleled vividness.


With a vacation is re-creation, which can cause elation

The word “recreation” literally means to re-create, “to create again.”  Vacationing can help you create yourself again as more alive, more vibrant, more authentic—more of the real you.  You can also use being in a new environment, a new country, in new surroundings, to re-create yourself, to play with and practice different aspects of your own personality.  If you’re usually outgoing, you can be quieter, or vice-versa.  If you’re risk-adverse, take more risks.  You can design the “new you.”


Vacation = elation

Enough said!


(Let Sankofa Odyssey Adventures fulfill all these and be your next vacation provider!


By Felipe Jay

If you have always imagined yourself traveling internationally then you’ve gotta find a way to make it possible. Leaving America to travel internationally definitely has its perks and advantages. While money can be your primary concern to make this dream happen, you can try some things you’ve never tried before, like working as a consultant, English teacher or a server or bartender at a restaurant! You can even volunteer in exchange for food, lodging, and/or money just so you can start seeing the world. Trust me, it all lies within your fingertips. It’s time to satisfy your burning desire to explore countries across the world.

If these aren’t convincing enough, here are 5 reasons why you should travel internationally:

Indulge in different cultures

Experiencing various cultures firsthand is definitely far more fulfilling than just reading it in books or watching it on television. Not only do you develop a renewed sense of the country you’re visiting but you also get to understand completely why people of varying races do what they do and believe what they believe.

Studies revealed that those who spend their money on experiences, such as travelling, are happier than those who splurge on material things, and you should know this yourself. Imagine the joy you’ll feel when you get to step foot on Phuket’s wonderful beaches compared to the initial feeling when you first had your iPhone 6. The latter is a passing thing while the memories you gain when you travel internationally will stay with you as long as you live.To gain priceless experiences

To experience adventure

How about some adrenaline-pumping adventures like bungee jumping from Macau Tower, skydiving in Namibia, or sailing in Greece? Sounds interesting? You bet! No further words needed for this third reason to travel internationally.


To establish new connections

When you travel internationally, you not only open doors to gaining a renewed sense of theworld, but you new gain friendships and opportunities as well. You get to meet like-minded people and people from different walks of life who may offer you work and/or other opportunities. Also, whatever you learn to do while on your journey will definitely add some spice to your resume.


Because you deserve it

You have studied and worked hard all your life, so you definitely deserve to follow your true passion. If it is travelling internationally, go for it! You only live once, so make time for all the things that will make you happy!


Single and looking for a fish in the sea? Great, because what you’re looking for is right on the water, and it’s the sexiest person you could ever meet!


Did I get your attention? Don’t worry, I find it cool when people admit that they want a sexy date or mate. Go ahead, admit it, things are better when you’re with someone hot; and speaking of hot, the guy or gal you want to date and have as a partner for life is right there, basking under the sun, scoring a perfect tan, and enjoying the time of their life. I am not referring to tough power boaters but to the gentler, more romantic, and sexier sailors. C’mon, you’ll agree with me after reading these 7 reasons why many find sailors sexier than power boaters.


  1. Owning/riding a sailboat is sexy in itself


When you imagine a first date, don’t you honestly find it sexy when you’re invited over to a  sailboat? Come to think of it – you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner floating on the ocean, under the stars and eventually make things sexier in the cabin. I can see a grin there… And these are some things you won’t be able to enjoy when you ride a powerboat with your date.


  1. Sailors often have right of way over power boaters


The rule of the sea is that power boaters need to get out of the way of sailors. This means you get the feeling of being the king or queen of the seas.


  1. Sailors are more environment-friendly than power boaters


Isn’t it sexy when your sailor contributes to saving the world so your future children can still enjoy this place? Power boats make a  high contribution to the carbon footprint because they burn a lot of fossil fuels whereas sailboats only use their sails to conquer the seas .


  1. Sailors know adventures too


If you think only power boaters can give you an adrenaline-pumping experience, you are definitely mistaken. Things get really exciting when the winds start to blow hard. The harder she blows, the more she heels, the more she heels, the more you scream. Note* “she” refers to the vessel or boat.



  1. You can do so much more in a sailboat


A sailboat can easily be anchored when you want to savour your moment together watching the sunset, or the sailor can easily set its sails when you want to play Jack and Rose with the winds, which can eventually lead to something sexier. Depending on the kind of power boat, some just have very little space for you and your boo to run around teasing each other.


  1. Sailors understand the seas and treat her like a woman


Because sailboats have wind as its primary companion, sailors have mastered the art of decoding how both the wind and the seas work together. I remember how women are often being compared to the seas because of their unpredictable behaviour. Now, if a sailor has a deep understanding of the seas then you can expect patience with you. After all, sailors must understand and engage “Mother” Nature throughout their journey. I find it sexy to have a smooth sailing relationship or should I say a continuous work in progress, don’t you?


Power boaters, on the other hand, may become too confident in there journey because they can simply start the engine and proceed with his journey without battling the winds, tides, and currents While, it’s not conclusive, a power boater may just be easy on you. Is that what you really want?


  1. Sailors can fill your nights with affection and your life with passion


When sailors go on a journey alone or with friends, no words can describe their drive to reach the destination and their excitement to go back to your loving arms. Days out in the sea can definitely fuel up their love for you so expect your night to be sexier and your days happier once your sailor comes back to port.


Power boaters are brusque and they are not out to the seas long enough like sailors, which unfortunately means they won’t miss you that much.


So the next time you desire an adventure out on the water, keep walking pass that jet propelled rattling mechanical phallic. Instead, go for the long natural sunrise to sunset cruise of a sail with a sailor

After all, it is the distance and time traveled alone by sailors that make them greater, sexier lovers!

By Felipe Jay

If you like to travel the world by sea, and perhaps see it from aboard a luxury cruise ship, you might want to read what I have to say about sailboat charters before booking your next cruise.

Freedom and intimacy

 Unlike a cruise ship package where you have a general itinerary to follow, chartering a sailboat gives you the freedom to choose where to go, when to go, and how long you stay in a specific place. On a cruise ship you’ll visit that giant port where the vendors are anxiously awaiting your arrival. On a sailing charter, you may visit locales with only a few people living there, or perhaps where you are the only person on the entire island. So, whether you want to sail the Bahamas, the Caribbean, or the South Pacific, it is always your call. The itinerary for sailboat charters consists of 2 timed events; the time/date to leave the charter base and the time/date to return to the base. Fill in the rest as you go.

Good bye Buffets & Hello Tailor-fit Dining

 For crewed sailboat chartering, the chef is going to ask you firsthand what food you like and dislike so you only get to eat what you desire. Say goodbye to standing in long lines before you get to the buffet table only to see dishes you don’t really like to eat, and dining in a cruise ship’s restaurants may add on to your bill. On the other hand, sailboat charters can always stop by a local restaurant as you request, which definitely costs way cheaper than cruise ship bistros. Did I mention that you also don’t have to adjust your time to the cruise ship’s eating hours because your requested dishes will be served to you when you want them?

On a sail charter, you and your crew get to plan your meal. There are more opportunities to enjoy the flavors of the region in local restaurants, engage with local fresh food vendors, purchase fish fresh from local fisherman, etc.

Unlimited Cocktails

 Some cruise ships or your tour operator will give you wine and you may get a few free ones while you dine aboard, but with sailboat charters, you can inform the crew of your cocktail preferences or you can even bring some yourself. You and your companions can enjoy bottles of your favourite liquor or wine without worrying about a high bill.


 On a Cruise ship you will share the journey with thousands of people you don’t know. While many find it good to meet lots of new people, others like their private experience. If you’re this type of person, then you should really consider sailboat chartering. What better way to sail the world than with people close to your heart? Hmmm… You must be thinking of sailboat chartering as the most romantic way to spend your honeymoon. Well, I couldn’t agree more!


This is somehow linked to the first reason why sailboat charters are better than a cruise ship. You don’t wait when the ship tells you that you can snorkel or dive. You decide your pace. So, you find Grand Cayman’s water inviting? Then you can jump and dive as you please, even in your birthday suit!

So the next time you consider a vacation cruise, FORGET ABOUT IT! Instead, consider an intimate, fun, and exciting sailing vacation. Guaranteed, you’ll be back for more.